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Orange Graffiti

Several years ago, shortly after the economy took a nose dive, graffiti of citrus were mysteriously popping up on buildings in the downtown Dunedin area.  For a while it remained a mystery.  The citrus fruit were beautifully created on walls, doors and some other objects.

Most residents enjoyed stumbling across one.  No one knew who was behind or to why the kooky artist chose the orange.  After a while it became kind of a running joke on who would discover the culprit.  The orange graffiti became so popular that merchants and some homeowners displayed notes on their walls saying “Hey paint orange here!”


Surveillance cameras at one of the downtown restaurants captured two people in the act at 5:30 A.M.  The tape was turned over to the local authorities.  After the local Sheriff department began asking questions is when the two local artists came forward and confessed to painting the artwork.

Steven Spathelf, a local muralist, and Marsha Goins are the artists behind the orange graffiti.  When asked why they chose to randomly paint the orange in various places their response was that they wanted to bring attention to public art and help promote area commerce.  And why the orange?  Because Dunedin has extensive history with the citrus fruit.

“Not all businesses were targeted” said Spathelf “anyone with a smooth wall got one”.  Now “Orange Graffiti” has become a Dunedin icon.

No charges were brought against Steven Spathelf nor to Marsha Goins.

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