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Celebrating Day Of The Dead

We are just two weeks away from Casa Tina’s Annual Celebration of Day Of The Dead or “Dia De Los Muertos”.  A Mexican tradition to pay homage to those whom have passed.  A celebration typically taking three days beginning November 1st with food, drinks, parties and activities that the deceased enjoyed.  In Latin tradition the dead is celebrated for the life they had and it would be considered an insult to mourn and express sadness. In Mexican folklore it is said that during Dia De Los Muertos the dead are awakened from their eternal sleep and join the celebrations with their loved ones.  Streets decorated with calacas and calaveras(skeletons and skulls) and storefronts displaying the alters of the deceased.  This is a most interesting and most colorful event of the year you sure wouldn’t want to miss.  For more information for this event checkout our events calendar on our Agenda page. Day Of The Dead in Dunedin will be held on Saturday October 29th 2016.

Diverse and Proud

My heart is heavy from Saturday nights shooting at Pulse in Orlando.  We here in Dunedin are a diverse community and we cherish our small community which includes a large gay population and it breaks my heart to imagine this could have happened at our club BLUR.  BLUR unites everyone!  Gay, straight, male, female, old, young, locals or tourist all are welcomed at BLUR. My deepest condolences to the families that lost their loved ones and I hope we don’t see this hate anymore.

Marriott Hotel chain to join residency in Dunedin Florida

It was announced on Wednesday May 4th that the Marriott will be joining the restoration project of the historic Fenway hotel in Dunedin and offer 102 rooms upscale hotel.  The stunning Victorian era architecture Fenway hotel sits facing the beautiful view of our #1 beach Caladesi Island.  Resembling a castle and its pink exterior makes this gorgeous structure unique in our little town and now with a large hotel chain like Marriott joining the project, this historic hotel will see its hallways and ballrooms lit up once again. The hotel is set to open by March 2017, just in time for our spring tourist season.  March marks the beginning of spring training for our boys from Toranto Blue Jays  baseball players and our big event Mardi Gras and can’t leave out our St. Patrick’s Day festivities as well.

Pottery Bus

Dunedin Fine Arts Center has converted an old school bus to feature a mobile pottery experience.  The bus has been retrofitted with 10 pottery wheels and all the necessary requirements needed for molding your own clay pottery.  A fun way to get your hands dirty!