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Events – Cinco De Mayo 2016


“Come One, Come All” and boy they did.  Downtown Dunedin was a buzz once again last night.  All the locals headed to Casa Tina’s after a long day of work to celebrate the festivities Cinco De Mayo.  It was perfect Florida weather 77 degrees and clear blue skys with puffy white clouds and a light sea breeze.  Gorgeous weather!  Casa Tina’s who’s been serving authentic Mexican cuisine for 24 years did not disappoint.  Food and beverage tents were erected serving the traditional street food, chips and salsa, and other great Mexican small dishes.

Local Residents

Sangrias, Margaritas, wine and ice cold beer made available outside as well as small gifts and tokens straight from Mexico.  T-Shirts, sombreros, paper-flower crowns, jewelry and so much more sold.  Casa Tina’s hosts the Cinco De Mayo festival every year and every year there are more and more visitors checking out downtown Dunedin.  So many people showed up I couldn’t keep count.  The line to enter Casa Tina’s restaurant went so long, it wrapped around the street.

Casa Tina's Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Casa Tina’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant

The interior of the restaurant is like walking into someones home with all these beautiful Mexican fixtures.  It was 5 deep at the bar.  It took us literally a half and hour to finally get our drinks but it was defiantly worth the wait.  The tequila choices were so many we ordered several shots so that we could have a taste of some we never had before.

Young Father Pic Num 1

Family man brings his family to Casa Tina's for festival

Family man brings his family to Casa Tina’s for festival

Performers ranging from the traditional Mariachi Band, Mexican folklore dancers, and a full Cuban salsa band.  Music filled the air along with the aroma of the food made everyone feel as if they were taking a short trip to Mexico.

Mariachi Cielito Lindo LLC

Mariachi Cielito Lindo LLC

Mariachi Cielito Lindo LLC

Mariachi Cielito Lindo LLC

Most people are under the impression that Cinco De Mayo is the celebration of Mexico’s win of their independence but it is not.  May 5th 1862 the Mexican Army triumphed the Battle of Puebla victory of France.  “The significance of Cinco de Mayo is that it represents Mexican resistance to foreign intervention, it is a moment where Mexico as a young nation rallied to defend itself,” said Raul Ramos, Associate Professor of History at the University of Houston. “But it was not a struggle for independence. Instead it represented a struggle against imperialism.”

Cinco De Mayo is mostly celebrated in the United States then in Mexico.  Cinco De Mayo is very much an American Holiday.  David Hayes-Bautista, Professor of Medicine and Director of the Center for the Study of Latino Health, has researched that the celebration began in the mid 1900’s by Mexicans living in California at the time.  General Ignacio Zaragosa, a Texan, was the original hero who led the Mexicans to victory over the French.

Fans Take Pictures With Mariachi's

Fans Take Pictures With Mariachi’s

One big street party, that is what it looked like once the sun went down.  Salsa music filled the air and all the locals were dancing in the streets.  Dancing the night away…

Cuban Salsa Band 2 Cuban Salsa Band 1 Cuban Salsa Band 0

It was a great time!!  I can’t wait till next year.

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  1. Ich tue Abbitte, dass sich eingemischt hat… Ich hier vor kurzem. Aber mir ist dieses Thema sehr nah. Ist fertig, zu helfen.johnnydel

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