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Where am I…CBGB’s?!

On Saturday May 21st 2016 the Dunedin Brewery hosted a tribute to The Ramones, an American punk rock band formed in Queens NY in the 70’s. This was the brewery’s 12th annual celebration and it had quite the turnout. The event began at 8 PM and the crowd was already forming both indoors and outdoors. A mixture of millennials, Gen X’ers and Boomers. The night was filled with great energy, sound and nostalgia.  Wearing their own concert T’s from seeing the Ramon’s in concerts, the Baby Boomers shared their stories and what they could remember from visiting CBGB’s in its heyday.

To the millennials, most didn’t notice how much influence the Romans had. Yet, some were surprised to hear how some of the songs they heard that night were originally played by the Ramon’s. Such as “I Wanna Be Sedated” and “Hey Ho, Lets Go” which is found in most stadiums cheering on the home team.  PUNK was the night! The bands were playing their tributes impressively and band T-shirts selling for as low as 5$, buttons going for .50¢ what more could you ask for! It was an awesome night and I can’t wait for the next year tribute.

List of the local tribute bands:

Boney Fiend

The Hot Rock Trio

Doll Parts


Pig pen

Pretty Voices

Saganaki Bomb Squad

The Jayson Engelke Orchestra

The Jordones

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